Resistance Band Chest, Back Strength and Weighted Cardio 25 Min Workout

Please consult your doctor before attempting any of my Workouts!

Who is ready to blast their back, chest and shoulders with the resistance band workout? You are going to need a resistance band for this workout guys! But of course that’s not all! I’ve added some strength, cardio and weighted plyo moves!

We don’t have the time, we make the time!

If you would like to work one on one with me please contact me and I will help you reach your goal!

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Warm Up:
Side 1
Double Jab Double Cross 0:40
Roundhouse 1:28
Double Hook Double Upper 1:57
Front Kick 2:26

Side 2
Double Jab Double Cross 2:56
Side Kick 3:24
Double Hook Double Upper 3:53
Back Kick 4:22

Round 1
Weighted Inchworm 4:51
Band Pulls 6:00
Weighted Burpees 7:11
Reverse Band Pulls 8:22

Round 2
Weighted Knees 9:29
Wide Band Pulls 10:38
Weighted Running man 11:49
Reverse Wide Band Pulls 12:58

Round 3
Weighted Lunge 14:08
Flip Flop Band Pulls 15:18
Weighted Lunge Jacks 16:27
Flip Flop Band Pulls 17:37

Round 4
Knee Kick 18:46
Band Fly 19:54
Jump Kick 21:03
Band Fly 22:12

Round 5
Knee Kick 23:22
Chest Press 24:31
Jump Kick 25:39
Chest Fly 26:48

Stretch 27:59

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