Rich Piana & Dallas McCarver: The Aftermath | Heavy Muscle Radio

Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto are back for a special episode of Heavy Muscle Radio.

The two discuss the passing of Dallas McCarver and Rich Piana and some of the controversies that have ensued after, including some of the reporting and opinions that have been issued from media outlets in and outside the bodybuilding world.

It’s Heavy Muscle Radio on


  1. MIKA RENOLDS says:

    can someone explain palumbo appears as he is do to getting off a large gear stack after many years and age is that right , he looks a,little shrivelled and a bit plastic

  2. EtherealAesthetic says:

    sorry dave, but your fucking blind if you think dallas looked healthy.

  3. Braveheart Physique says:

    Wee losst too good guyz from da bodybuilding koomunity.

  4. Alt Right Radio says:

    what a bunch of dummies who believe in these 2 liars!

  5. shane hunsicker says:

    Yeah when I saw the shaun Ray video I thought it was the most distasteful thing he could have done. He is a complete narcissist. He’s is such a douchebag. Completely agree

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