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Lose 15 to 100 LBS or more with our new RIPPED ZONE TRAINING!! Call 704-735-3965 to set up your week FREE TRIAL today!

Posted by Club Fitness Lincolnton on Saturday, June 24, 2017

  • Ripped Zone: National Headquarters      

  •  1-800-541-0686

  • Call Greg Smith National Director

We are seeking 10 gyms to launch Ripped Zone Training System. No risk No Out Of Pocket Expense for first 10 gyms that sign on. Proven to make money fast. Call Greg Smith.

Currently up and running in Georgia, South Carolina, Michigan, Ohio , North Carolina, Tennessee and  Florida

We are busy adding this new Ripped Zone training program and system to many of the gyms we work with and this might be a great fit for your club. It’s a branded license program…Ripped Zone Fitness and Weight Loss Training System is a complete training, marketing, and sales product developed exclusively for health clubs. Ripped Zone Fitness and Weight Loss Training System provides a turnkey licensed training program that can significantly increase your training revenue, improve member retention, as well as, give your club a significant advantage in the increasingly competitive health club marketplace.

Ripped Zone is a proprietary patented training system that utilizes Resistance Bands and Dumbbells, coupled with accountability coaching and a solid nutrition weight loss program. With this system we are able to drill down and target the true weight loss consumer that every club in your market is trying to reach…We do it for you with our “Quick Start 100” membership drive promotion, which will launch the Ripped Zone Fitness and Weight Loss Coaching Program system successfully from day one and you can grow from there. Ripped Zone Fitness and Weight Loss Training System delivers a fun,safe and effective 36 minute workout that’s highly marketable and attractive to the masses, in addition to providing a new powerful business tools that gives you a new potential revenue source.

Ripped Zone Fitness and Weight Loss Training System is a licensed program, not a franchise. We chose the license model because we wanted you in control of your business, not us. With a franchise, you have little or no control in running your business your way. The Ripped Zone Fitness and Weight Loss Training System license model provides all the benefits of a branded trademark product with the flexibility to operate your business your way. In many ways, you benefit similarly as if Ripped Zone Fitness and Weight Loss Training System were a franchise, but without all the fees, control, and legalities. For an existing full service club, a Ripped Zone Fitness and Weight Loss Training System insert simply becomes an additional profit center similar to tanning or a juice bar.

We would love to discuss this with you and the team and of course as before there is no out of pocket risk for the club and we install up to four Ripped Zone Fitness Stations that will become new exercise equipment for the club.The club owns the equipment..this alone is exciting when the members see you adding new programs and equipment. We provide the marketing, logos, all the service forms and onsite training to certify the clubs staff. It is also a GREAT BOOST for the trainers, many of the new beginners want to add personal training to generate even more sales.It a win-win for all…members get great results, the gym gets a new training program,equipment and revenue while we continue doing what we do best and that’s helping the club increase it’s market share.

Our new marketing campaign is now heavily on social media, outdoor road banners, door hangers, direct mail, and gorilla marketing signs in strategic locations…it will make an impact for sure.
Call 1-800-541-0686 Greg


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