ROELLY BACK IN ACTION! – Muscle In The Morning April 13, 2017

Maria Diaz Delivers, The Beast is Back, Hurricane Sandra Watch, Rodger That, Jeremy Potvin Training Back


  1. Perry Robitionate says:

    “There’s no telling what kind of chaos this guy’s going to bring…ESPECIALLY IF HE STOPS MAKING THOSE CONTENTED-BABY-WITH-A-DUMP-IN-HIS-DIAPER POSING FACES.” Seriously. Compared to his regular face, those expressions of his do him absolutely no favours; he looks like an idjit. Well, a baby-idjit, anyway. : )

  2. TheWoldIsFullofSheep EducateYourselfDontBeOne says:

    When will your next vampire movie come out?

  3. The Gainzmaker says:

    Roelly is the freaking beast. I love that guy, though being so huge, he still looks gentle

  4. kmethod says:

    Dave and Rx Muscle team,

    Check out this classic physique guy out of Hawaii, Domenick Dibenedetto (IG: The_Dibzsicle) getting ready for Team U. This guys progress since his 6th place finish Nationals in Miami 2016 is insane! Training out of the same gym as David “Reaper” Robinson.

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