SADEK LOOKING CRAZY! – Muscle In The Morning September 11, 2017

Nathan Deasha, Milan Sadek, Maxx Charles, Charles Dixon and more!

Host Dave Palumbo gives you the latest scoop on all the news and gossip from the fitness and bodybuilding world. Start your day right and wake up with Muscle in the Morning!


  1. hbk80rice says:

    We NEED another Irma report!!! Show us the property and the damage. How are the reptiles? Everything ok?

  2. nicolaisb2 says:

    Great muscle inn the morning! One of the best in a long time. I am glad to see there was No wanna-be males aka female lifters

  3. hugh jarms says:

    De Asha is going to be a super star!!

  4. hugh jarms says:

    Do you own any shirts that’s isn’t star wars or Spiderman?

  5. jules scully says:

    Maxx Charles arms look huge

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