Simple Way To Lose 5lbs Of Body Fat

Simple way to lose 5lbs of body fat through a few simple changes. Examine your day and look at a few small adjustments which can be made. Fat loss can be quite simple when it becomes a priority.


  1. forstr88 says:

    Lifestyle change is the key. I started by cutting Mt. Dew. Then next thing you know, I was on stage. LOL! Great post Paul.

  2. Roger M says:

    I break my fast with a huge mixed salad with vegetables and some real parmesan cheese and spices mixed through it. Top it with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Before I started fasting I never wanted to eat salad and vegetables. After fasting over 20 hours I am ready to devour it. I take Betaine HCL before and after to cut down on the digestive time so I can start on the next meal that I am really looking forward to eating.

  3. Colin DeWaay says:

    We’re ready to not die over here! Oh and great video and stuff too.

  4. Yew Tewb says:

    Clickbait thumbnail

  5. Jerica X. Fit says:

    Stay safe! Thinking of you and Laurin (and of course my family) during the hurricane.

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