Sport Scientist Summarizes Weight / Fat Loss Specifics for Women! (7 Studies Included)

Fat loss for women, training and nutrition plans specifically for women backed by research studies. Learn female specific fat loss science, how to tailor your nutrition plan, workout strategies and how women’s hormones effect fat loss!

Aspects such as Hormones, Physiology, Metabolism, Body Structure etc, make men and women VERY different.

For example, women may actually be more insulin sensitive (in general) than men (Crop et al., 2003) but the TOTAL carb intake should be less, especially if women are trying to lose fat or lose weight.

Why? Well, there is research that supports the idea that women should consume a higher percentage of calories from fat, and less from carbs, due to differences in estrogen and fat metabolism mechanics. Other studies have shown for hunger, women actually have less hunger on a higher fat diet.

Next, women actually have a Greater Reliance on FAT During Exercise – in other words, women burn MORE FAT than men.

In the video I show one study where women use less carbohydrates than men at the same intensity, burning more fat even as the intensity of exercise increases (Tarnopolsky, 2008). Higher levels of the hormone Estrogen and women being more sensitive to the hormone Epinephrine help explain this (Tarnopolsky, 2008; Schmidt et al., 2014),

Finally, for women to maximize fat loss and weight loss I discuss advanced training techniques and periodization, providing example female specific workouts and plans. Watch the full video and learn more about my 90 Day Bikini plan if you want a proven female fat loss blueprint:

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