Strength India Bench Press Competition for Women

1 Rep maximum.
In the video, say – Strength India, your name, exercise and weight.
For example: Strength India, Sonali, Bench Press, 80Kg.

The person with the heaviest lift will win. Do 1 Rep only.

Email video to –

The winner will be announced on Strength India YouTube channel. You will be informed by email as well.

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All videos will be uploaded to Strength India YouTube channel for everyone to see.

All exercises must be RAW.
Cannot lift butt from the bench. Cannot arch back.
No lifting suits/shirt allowed. You can wear wrist wrap.
Video should be clear.
Video should not be a close up.
Video should show you and the weight in full.
No one should be helping you lift the weight.
A spotter can help to unrack and rack the weight.

If more than one entry has lifted same heaviest weight, then we pick a lucky winner.

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