Strength Shop Olympic Cambered Bar
The Strength Shop Cambered bar.
Never heard of it? Well that’s probably because it’s one of the most underrated and underused bars in the fitness industry.
If a gym has a then you know they don’t skip leg day.
Originally by Powerlifters to help increase their squat numbers making its way to the rest of the world.
The is the perfect for adding variety to your squats.
shape forces to stay tighter in the bottom position of a more so than would with a regular barbell as the center of gravity is shifted slightly forward and becomes unstable if swing back or on the up.
The in the of changes line and just enough to make it a different movement to a squat.
It can also be to the same effect with the Bench press, the load hence tougher to control and off of the chest.
Great for a bit of and a few new challenges into any training program.
Olympic Approximate spec; 50mm diameter shaft.
to 400kg.
Weight 25kg.

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