Strength Summit Part One – Laying The Foundation (Episode 31)

Welcome to Season 4, Everyone! The Season of Strength. We’ve done something different for the premiere of this season and we hope you enjoy it. In our first ever Strength Summit, Tom Rini of Blag Flag Athletics, Mark Valenti of Blind Dog Gym and Linsdey Nelson of Crossfit Distinction are going to discuss, as you probably guessed from the title, developing strength. We’ve given our guests a bit more freedom to explore the subject this time with minimal guidance and each of them has a very unique perspective on the topic. Strength is a composite of mental and physical attributes which Tom, Mark, and Lindsey will break down for us. A few things we’ll emphasize in this episode are the importance of the mental game, how to achieve the optimal mindset as well as how to choose the right environment for your goals, both inside and outside of the gym. Don’t miss Part 2 of the Strength Summit next week (Episode 32) where we’ll break down the more technical approaches to strength development.

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Lindsey Nelson: 

Facebook: Lindsey Nelson
Instagram: @wildcatlk
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Tom Rini
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Mark Valenti
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Start -0:13 What Is The Purpose 
0:14 – 0:40 Show Opening
0:41 – 3:04 Strength Summit Introductions 
3:05 – 12:54 What Role Mindset Plays In Strength Development 
12:55 – 18:33 Helping People Find Their “Mental Game” And Goals 
18:34 – 24:48 Meeting of The Mental And The Physical 
24:49 -26:47 Show Intermission 
26:48 – 36:29 Getting Into The Right Environment For Your Goals 
36:30 -39:20 Training By Yourself 
39:21 – 42:09 Importance of The Coach-Athlete Relationship 
42:10 – 51:40 What You’re Doing Outside Of The Gym And “Making Sacrifices” 
51:41 – 53:12 Where to find Tom, Lindsey and Mark
53:13 – End Show Outro 

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