Strength Training, BMX, and Public Speaking | JP Weeklies 020

I join the boys for a BMX session, take a call with the University of Florida for a speaking engagement, pick out fabrics for a custom suit, visit the Goodall’s, and take you through my day 5 of my strength and conditioning program.

Music by Rowlan, 
Thank’s for coming to my channel and for hopping on board my journey. Please say “hey”! 🙂
Josh Perry has been a professional BMX athlete since 2007 and is the CEO of the Josh Perry Foundation, which is a non-profit committed to supporting children and adults with brain tumors, injuries, and other brain disorders by creating hope and inspiration through sport, entertainment, and education.

Josh suffered a head injury in 2010 that led to an MRI, revealing an 8cm long/2cm wide/2 cm deep meningioma brain tumor. Josh went through a 6-hour open cranial surgery to remove the tumor and lives and rides with 4 shrinking residual tumors due to Gamma Knife Radio treatment. These experiences have led Josh to become passionate about nutrition, fitness, and sharing the power of the mind-body connection with the world.
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