The House That Strength Built with TJ Slomka of Old School Iron Gym

This week on Uncharted Performance, Episode 38, we are joined by TJ Slomka, owner of Old School Iron Gym. As we mention in the podcast, OSI is one of those gyms that you have to visit (as some of our previous guests have) to see for yourself the array of every imaginable piece of equipment that one would need to develop strength, particularly for powerlifters or bodybuilders. Not to mention that TJ is simply a cool guy to hang out with. We’ll cover some entrepreneurial topic such as working as a single owner or with a partner and how to keep clients and customers happy, engaged and becoming better. This advice will apply even if you don’t own a gym. So tune in and learn some things!

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Old School Iron Gym
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Start – 0:11 – Bringing People In
0:12: – 0:42 – Opening 
0:43 – 5:54 – Introduction 
5:55 – 11:14 – Getting To Know TJ
11:15 – 17:29 – TJ’s Why And Finding The Right Atmosphere For The Gym
17:30 – 24:02 – Making Sure The Equipment Fits The Client 
24:03 – 26:26 – Evolution of OSI and TJ as a business owner 
26:27 – 28:25 – Intermission 
28:26 – 32:37 – Evolution Continued: Keeping Clients Happy 
32:38 – 35:40 – Sole Ownership Vs Partnership 
35:41 – 40:20 – Something To Try For Everyone 
42:30 – 45:30 – What’s Next For OSI 
45:31 – 46:48 – “We Can Help With Any Goal” 
46:49- 47:55 – Where To Find OSI
47:56 – End – Show Outro 

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