THE NEW WACK PACK! Heavy Muscle TV (Ep 102)

What do you get when Big Lenny, Bostin Loyd, Gregg Valentino, John Romano, and Dave Palumbo join forces on a TV show?

You get the ALL-NEW Heavy Muscle TV!

Not for the faint of heart and NOT to be watched at work with the speakers up.

Enjoy the show.

Keep it locked to


  1. Jerry Richer says:

    Asking a trio of racists if they consider themselves racist lmfao.

  2. Jared Guidry says:

    I fucking loved this Dave

  3. [Banned User] says:

    We love Big Lenny! Step aside, Dave, and let Lenny have your channel! He entitled to it!

    Nah, I’m joking, but Lenny is an amazing guest!

  4. Supes Me says:

    This was awesome…subscribed. Big Lenny is the man

  5. john gillen says:

    Great to hear too in this dave that big lenny will be involved in future eating challenges and other things too on rx muscle……i remember clearly dave that video years ago when you went to mexico and went into that pharmacy, looking at their gear…..the pharmacist/assistant helping you look at various things had MASSIVE ARMS i remember……he said they were 20-inches……lol

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