The Vertical Crunch by The Abs Company for Complete Core Workout

– The Vertical Crunch Machine by The Abs Company is a full commercial rated plate loaded resistance machine for complete abdominal training and core training. The linkage system creates smooth biomechanics for optimal abdominal muscle targeting. The vertical positioning keeps exercisers upright and more comfortable with proper back support while performing an effective crunch motion. More advanced users can train progressively by adding up to 70 pounds of Olympic weight plates as workload resistance. Built-in weight storage posts attached to the back frame keeps your fitness area orderly and allows weight plates to be easily accessible between sets. The Abs Company Vertical Crunch is also designed with a free-swivel seat which allows the user to seamlessly shift from upper and lower ab training of the rectus abdominis muscle group to oblique training without pausing the workout. The seated user simply rotates the seat to the left or right and then performs the same vertical crunching motion. The Vertical Crunch is a perfect stand-alone abdominal trainer for commercial gyms, as well as a great circuit training component for a complete core training zone.

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