Triathlon Training Nutrition: Overnight Oats for BIG Workouts

This triathlon training nutrition tip is for overnight oats that Gwen Jorgensen (and Triathlon Taren) uses for huge training days. Triathlon Taren makes his overnight oats recipe, then trains for his 2017 marathon open water swim, then comes home and explains how to make overnight oats triathletes can use during regular triathlon training days or for epic triathlon training days.


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  1. NYA Fitness says:

    Random but can you talk about how you got your dogs to run with you and behave?

  2. Trevor Clark says:

    Wish I lived close to a good pool. I live by a YMCA it most of the it 86-90c so hot.

    Ya it’s not for everyone am lucky I can tern my brain of and just swim I have done 100x100m on 100s-90s many time and ppl aways find it hard on there brain. but I never do. Just hard on the arms

  3. Dana de Jong says:

    Just did my first sprint (700m swim, 20k bike, 5k run) in 1:15:19! Spent the last sveral months learning to swim, started at being only able to swim like 100m. Felt good in the swim, but it was a gong show since they let us seed ourselves on the pool deck and no one could really hit their pace due to congestion in the water…Otherwise awesome experience, definitely hooked now.

  4. bonn1771 says:

    i normally do 2 cups of oatmeal for my overnight oats (ya i know it is a lot but it last me a while).

  5. Immer Chriswell says:

    I was just about to add oats to my breakfast routine… this makes that easy!

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