Weight Loss At Home ! | (HINIDI) Even In Winter !

Hey Guys I am Back On popular demand of Fat Loss !!
If You Don’t Have Time to go to gym. These are the few ways how you can loose some weight at home.
1) Boost Your Metabolism by having food rich in vitamins, fibers& Protein & Increasing Your Overall activity.
2) Change Your Workout Pattern be it walking, running or jogging
3) Be Consistent & just don’t give up
4) Start Evaluating Your food Intake & Cut small amount from it & don’t go on crash diets.
5) You cannot spot fix fat from belly. with proper diet & consistency you loose over all body fat

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Hey there, If You New to this channel then Then You have come to Right Place Where all you Fitness Queries Gets Sorted In Totally Desi Indian way. I am Certified Sports Nutritionist & Diet Specialist , IPTFA ,Hong Kong. I am from Varanasi ,Uttar Pradesh, Say Hi if You Are near by. I have got The only to bring about a change in the health & well being of The Everyday Guy. Also Simplifying fitness so that it becomes and easy lifestyle for every single person.
So, I would Love To Help You All Guys

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