What’s the Best Type of Cardio for Fat Loss?

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  1. Colossus Fitness says:

    If your goal is to lose weight (fat especially), nutrition has to be your number one priority. The talk at the end regarding cardio is assuming you’re in a caloric deficit which means you’re burning more calories than you’re eating per day. Weight loss can occur simply by lowering your calorie intake, but creating a deficit by only reducing calories can result in some miserably low intakes. However, adding in a bit of cardio may help keep calories a bit higher while dieting and make the experience less miserable.

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  2. Marik Toseph says:

    Happy birthday Josh! love the video guys

  3. Kayla Sparkman says:

    Happy Birthday Josh🎉💪🏻

  4. Rich Pirhana says:

    If I was alive still my favourite type of cardio would be sex

  5. jesse ross says:

    that dudes backflip was cleaaan

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