Why Fat Loss Suddenly Stops & How to Fix It

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  1. rit73 says:

    Greg, the type of guy hoping for the government to declare martial law so he can be forcibly taken away to a FEMA camp with manadatory extreme fasting for all.

  2. Calisthenics Unity ATX says:

    Greg the type of guy to give black coffee to homeless people

  3. Swole Fucking Meatball says:

    How isn’t this guy natural? His strength and physique is totally achievable in over 7 years (if not 5). Oh but “muh genetics”. Fuck outa here, he’s 5’9 how is that good genetics? Even if he isn’t, his measurements show his physique could be. 16 inch arms, 49 inch shoulders? Easily natural.

  4. Philosophical Records says:

    Greg the type of guy to run out of ideas for videos so he goes over the same shit just with different titles

  5. Liam Sutherland says:

    Gregs the type of guy to passionately kiss his reflection in the mirror

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