Why Strength is About How You Feel, Not About How You Look – With Kelly Roberts of Run, Selfie,

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In 2009, Kelly Roberts was thrown into the deep end when she suddenly lost her younger brother, Scott. Struggling to cope during this emotionally draining time, Kelly gained over 70 pounds by the end of the year, by which point she decided it was time for her to find a healthy way to work out her grief. That’s when she found running. 8 years later, the sport has become invaluable to Kelly, and she now uses it to uplift thousands of others through her hilarious yet incredibly authentic blog Run, Selfie, Repeat. Kelly continually strives to break the societal norms that insist what “strong” ought to look like, and she loves inspiring thousands of runners to pursue the best versions of themselves. In this episode, Kelly shares with us what she’s learned through her own ongoing journey to self-acceptance as well as her tips to conquering the inhibitions that tie us down. All, of course, with a healthy dose of hysterical laughter.   Questions Kelly is asked: 3:48 What prompted you to start running and what has that journey been like? 8:29 How has running impacted other aspects of your life? 10:24 What prompted you to start your ‘Hottie-Hunting’ selfies and how did that ignite your blog and fame on social media? 14:15 How has your blog evolved and where do you see it going in the next few years? 18:48 How quickly did #SportsBraSquad take off? 23:36 How has it been working with Oiselle and when did you start working with them? 28:39 Where do you think Oiselle is going to be in the next few years? 31:32 What challenges have you encountered with your running and how did you stay motivated? 35:18 What are you most proud of since you started this journey? 37:48 What would you tell a new runner who’s trying to break out of their comfort zone? 40:59 What would you say are some of the more common inhibitions that new runners may have? 43:11 Where do you see yourself as a runner in the next few years? 46:42 What can you tell us about the rebranding of your blog? 48:28 When will it launch?   Quotes by Kelly: “Just because something is hard or just because something feels impossible doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try.” “Being on a team makes you a stronger woman.” “Running is about bringing people together and empowering them.” “I think I can name on one hand the amount of people who actually know how to eat a healthy, balanced diet.” “I really just want to run for life.” “Running is something I DO, it’s not who I AM.” “Whatever I can do to bring people together, I’m gonna try.”   Want more awesome interviews and advice? Subscribe to our iTunes channel   Mentioned in this podcast: Run Selfie Repeat homepage National Sports Bra Squad Day girlsontherun.org Oiselle homepage   We really hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Run to the Top. The best way you can show your support of the show is to share this podcast with your family and friends and share it on your Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media channel you use. If more people who know about the podcast and download the episodes, it means I can reach out to and get through to the top running influencers, to bring them on and share their advice, which hopefully makes the show even more enjoyable for you!

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