Why Your Fat Loss Is Failing

Fat loss is very tough. We have to control the things we can to ensure a successful fat loss diet and plan. This is just some tough love from Coach Paul.


  1. Jonny Kowalczyk says:

    Watching this at 01:40 haven’t eaten since yesterday at 20:00 – been intermittent fasting and yes suffering lol I’m always hungriest at this time and can never sleep. Won’t give in though

  2. Nolan Lott says:

    Don’t diet Paul! Your wife is having a baby!

  3. Krisi Fenner says:

    Always awesome content… thanks coach!

  4. Lexes O'Hara says:

    The hardest part for most people is 1. Not having a plan and 2. Not having guidance and accountability to develop the discipline to stay true to themselves in their goals and not giving in to temporary happiness, which leads to more suffering. Great video! Always have a plan <3

  5. Char Shaffer says:

    Truth bombs!! Love your videos Paul 💪👋🏼

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