Workout Motivation 80s Top Hits Aerobic

Workout Music presented by Personal Trainer Mike.
Best Pump Music for your Training
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Hot Stepper Warm Up 102 BPM
Jump Warm Up 102 BPM
Humpty Dance Warm Up 103 BPM
Unbelievable Warm Up 106 BPM
Last Night A Dj Saved My Life Warm Up 109 BPM
Walk This Way Cardio 111 BPM
Like A Prayer Cardio 112 BPM
Gonna Make You Sweat Cardio 114 BPM
Let The Music Play Cardio 115 BPM
Ice Ice Baby Cardio 116 BPM
Rock You Like A Hurricane Cardio 125 BPM
You Gotta Fight Cardio 132 BPM
The Breaks Cardio 145 BPM
Everybody Have Fun Tonight Cool Down 128 BPM
So Many Men Cool Down 127 BPM

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